Choosing a Real Estate Agent

by Benjamin Harrison

Written in Collaboration with The Cognitive Creative

As long-term relationships go choosing the right Realtor should probably be higher on the list than it is. Think about it, your realtor is your guide through the largest purchases in your life. How can that be left to chance? 

Often, Realtors are recommended by friends and family. So in so’s cousin, aunt or friend is a Realtor and suddenly you find yourself paired with an individual who isn’t best suited for your transaction. 

At Sun Realty Group we are a humble lot, but we are also really proud of a few things: our track record, our overall experience, and our dedication to our clients. We can’t recommend enough that when you are looking for a real estate agent that you find someone with a proven track record. 

You’ll want to find someone who has not only dozens and dozens of transactions under their belt but someone who wins. Look for an agent who has great testimonials, who has historically gotten the job done, and who is a good communicator. Once you’ve gotten past that hurdle, you will want to look for someone who knows the area in which you are buying a home. How long has your agent been working in the area? How well does she know the neighborhoods, the schools, the amenities, and the brass tacks of the community? 

So far, you have an agent with a proven track record who knows the area you are interested in very well. What is next? 

You will spend hours with your real estate agent. You’ll more than likely ride in their car, you’ll tell them about your life in such a way that they can help you discern your needs in a new home. You need to like this person. You don’t have to be best friends, but it’s important that your agent tries to build rapport with you. It’s important that you feel comfortable enough to answer questions about your habits and needs in your everyday life. 

If you can’t share with your real estate agent, it’s going to be really tough for them to find a home that is suitable for you. 

Your real estate agent should be comfortable communicating with you in the style you most prefer. If you prefer to chat on the phone, pick an agent who is happy to speak on the phone vs. text or email you. 

Your realtor should be patient. Buying a home is a HUGE decision. You need the time and the space to rule out selections that aren’t the right fit. 


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