5 “Must Know” points for selling your Braselton home.

Selling your Braselton home can be both exciting and stressful. One of the keys to managing stress is to gather as much information about a process as possible. Maximize knowledge and minimize surprises. Here are five key points to help you in your quest to sell your home from the pros at Sun Realty Group.

  1. Choose a REALTOR®. 

Not all licensed real estate salespersons (or brokers) are REALTORS®. REALTORS® agree to abide by a Code of Ethics in their dealings with buyers and sellers. REALTORS® are members of the National Association of REALTORS® and participate in a local Board of REALTORS®.

REALTORS® have valuable knowledge and industry training regarding how to negotiate various terms in a purchase and sale agreement in the best interest of the seller client. REALTORS® can also provide sellers with, and help them fill out, a pre-printed purchase and sale agreement form. REALTORS® routinely work with and, upon request, can provide sellers with the names of attorneys, home inspectors, termite companies and persons providing other services relating to real estate transactions. Therefore, when you need help in selling a property, you should always choose a REALTOR® first! The professionals at Sun Realty Group, LLC would love to be your first choice for selling your Braselton home! Reach out today at SunRealtyGA.com

2.  Be realistic in setting a sales price. 

All sellers want to get the highest possible sales price for their houses; however, if you set the sales price too high, your house may sit on the market unsold. One way to determine if the sales price reflects current market conditions is to study the listing and sales prices of other comparable houses in your neighborhood. Your REALTOR® can normally help you obtain this information. Setting a sales price for your house consistent with market conditions will help ensure that your house is sold within a realistic timeframe.

3. Prepare the property for showing.

To be viewed in its best light by prospective buyers, your house should be clean, clutter-free, inviting and accessible. A REALTOR® can help make recommendations on how best to prepare your house. A major element of any marketing program to sell a house is motivating the real estate brokerage community to show your house to potential buyers. To maximize the likelihood of a sale, the house must be available for showing on short notice at the convenience of a prospective buyer. However, you should never allow your house to be shown to a buyer without the REALTOR® present. Prior to making the house available for showings, you should remove from the property fixtures that you plan to take with you. Since strangers will have access to the house, you should put prescription drugs, keys, checkbooks, jewelry, and other valuables in a safe place. For added safety, when you are in your house, keep the door locked. In this way, no one can inadvertently enter your house at an inopportune time. Your REALTOR® can provide a lockbox for your property which securely tracks who has accessed your property. The professionals at Sun Realty Group, LLC will further guide you when selling your Braselton home.

4. A contract is not a guarantee. 

Just because a buyer has contracted to purchase a property does not necessarily mean that the contract will ultimately close. Many contracts contain a due diligence period during which the buyer can inspect and evaluate the property and terminate the contract without penalty. Other contracts are subject to contingencies that if not fulfilled will cause a contract to fail. If the buyer terminates the contract, either during the due diligence period or because of a failed contingency, the holder of the earnest money will normally return it to the buyer. On occasion, buyers also breach the contracts they sign. Unless you can afford to own two homes, you should avoid making a permanent commitment to buy a new house until after the closing of your existing house has occurred.

5. Read and keep a copy of contracts. 

A purchase and sale agreement is a legally binding contract. You should read it in its entirety before signing in order to ensure that it reflects the entire business agreement of the parties. Verbal promises not included in the contract are generally unenforceable. You should comply with all timeframes in a contract since missing a deadline can leave you in breach of contract. Get an early start on making agreed-upon repairs to avoid missing time deadlines. You should also keep a complete copy of any contract you signed in the event a dispute arises regarding the authenticity of the contract.


Need more information? Download our FREE pamphlet! Several more “must know” tips for selling your Braselton home (or any home) are included in this easy to read PDF.

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