Sarazen’s Corner at Chateau Elan

Sarazen’s Corner at Chateau Elan is rather like its namesake. Gene Sarazen is a golf legend, a champion seven times over, an inventor, and a class act … in a modern world, he’s less known than he should be. While avid golfers and fans of the sport certainly recognize the name; time has marched on and modern day athletes get the attention.

Sarazen’s Corner is a beautiful area within the gates of Chateau Elan with only 21 homesites. Flanked by Duncan Creek with views of the Woodlands Course on one side and a large parcel of untouched woodlands on the other, Sarazen’s Corner offers homeowners rustic and private estates. Not unlike Gene Sarazen, the small community is lesser known than it should be. With a separate heavy timber-frame gate and membership to the exclusive Legends Club, residents of Sarazen’s Corner enjoy the premium location and status befitting the name.

Any of the homes within Chateau Elan’s 3500-acre residential community are beautiful and luxurious. Homes within Sarazen’s Corner are no exception but do offer an exclusiveness all their own. The membership is transferable (free of fees) in real estate transactions; this privilege was previously only offered to Legends residents.

Gene Sarazen is one of four golf greats to win what’s know as the Career Grand Slam (having won all four majors). There’s no doubt that homeownership at Sarazen’s Corner is a Grand Slam all on its own. Sarazen began his career at age 10 as a caddy, opportunity for the young residents of Chateau Elan abounds. Living in Sarazen’s Corner is ample inspiration to improve your game, if not other aspects of life. The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” is proven again with Sarazen’s invention of the modern-day Sand Wedge. Sarazen invented the club, kept it a secret and revealed it during tournament play. The club created a revolution in short game play.

A home in Sarazen’s Corner is certainly more of a long game move, but the benefits are immediate.